Aligners – A metal free option

Aligners is a safe, comfortable way to achieve straight teeth  and that beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted — without any metal whatsoever.  They are a a series of smooth plastic aligners that  gradually shift the teeth into their preferred position, which means you can undergo orthodontic treatment… without everyone else knowing about it.

Benefits of Aligners Over Traditional Braces

The advantages of choosing aligners are many, especially when compared to the traditional method for straightening teeth. Some of the most common benefits of this orthodontic solution include:

  • Increased comfort. It’s no surprise that smooth plastic is far more comfortable than the sharp metal used by traditional braces. With aligners you’ll never have to experience blisters, or the pain that can occur as the result of a popped off wire or loose bracket.
  • Removability.  There are diet restrictions which must be followed in order not to damage the wire and brackets in a fixed orthodontic appliance  but with aligners you don’t have to worry about how you’ll bite into a crunchy apple or manage dried fruits.The plastic aligners are completely removable, meaning you can easily slip them out before meals and snacks.
  • Healthier teeth. Traditional braces can also present major difficulty for good brushing and flossing. An added advantage of removability is that you can clean your teeth just like you know you should.
  • True convenience. Busy adults often find that traditional braces take more time than they’re able to commit to in orthodontic treatment. But with aligners, you can progress through the treatment on your own, with far fewer visits to the dentist. That means you spend less time in the dental chair, and more time enjoying your straighter teeth.


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